About me

Vladimir Kjahrenov

Leading profitable trader and financial analytic

My name is Vladimir Kjahrenov. I have been trading Forex market for more than 7 years and the stock market for more than 3 years. I use my personal trading strategy, which I called “Waterline” – it is a very simple swing strategy with horizontal levels of support and resistance. Risk and capital management includes standard rules: risk up to 2% risk per order, a maximum drawdown on the deposit max 30%, each order risk/profit ratio is 1×2. I have been developing this strategy and supplementing it for more than 5 years. The strategy has showed profit on both on forex, stocks and crypto-currencies: profit is stable, the risks do not exceed 30% of whole depo.

I live and work in Estonia (in Estonian language): I have organized free seminars about trading and investments, i have met with traders community to trade live and teach them and be teached by other traders, i have youtube channel, also i have students who want to use my strategy “Waterline”, i’m admin of skype group of traders and else i do a lot of other interesting things. I plan to expand my audience, so i’m going to teach more students and make more videos for youtube channel (live trading sessions) in two languages: Russian / English.

I spent a lot of time analyzing the data, understanding fundamental analysis, fully understand Technical Analysis. Long time analyzed different strategies so now i know all positive and negative aspects of any good strategy. Right capital and risk management is in my nerve system already, i understand that order management is also part of successful trading. I rigidly follow the rules of my strategy.

I worked as a programmer for a long time and I have had my own firm. I had developed web sites and extra internet projects. Having started working with the currency market and the MetaTrader 4 program, I studied the programming language mql4. Using this experience, I created auxiliary indicators and robots, some of them I offer absolutely free of charge on the codebase.mql4.com

I am the author of the book “system locking”. This book includes detailed description of the “WaterLine” strategy and all methods of how to get out from locked orders. The book is very popular and has good feedback from traders. This book can be received as a gift and free of charge in the training package “VIP”.

But most surprising for you will be that I am a teacher of natural sciences in primary school (graduated at the Tallinn Pedagogical University). Also received a master’s degree in information technology at the Technical University. As a logical continuation, I continued to study Phd at TTÜ, but this was left unfinished. The main thesis in PHd studies: data mining – the search for hidden patterns in the mass of data to facilitate decision-making.

In my spare time I go in for sports: roller skates, bicycle, running, badminton, fitness.